“The Race Starts Today”: Satya Nadella

Microsoft and Google hit the ground running this week in the race to create the perfect AI-powered search engine.

In an announcement on Tuesday, Microsoft revealed that Bing (the official Microsoft search engine) now had an integrated ChatGPT search bar that users could type questions into. The key attraction about this addition is that search entries will now be met with human-like responses, instead of links to multiple websites. Microsoft stock rose sharply by 4.2% on the day of the announcement. This month alone, the company has seen about a $30 dollar increase in share price.

Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, unveiled ‘BardAI’, Google’s equivalent for ChatGPT, on Tuesday as well. Although the software has not been made public, Google announced that BardAI will be made available in stages very soon. It uses Google’s LaMDA algorithm, which is short for Language Model for Dialogue Applications, to generate natural responses.

While the technology space has always favored first movers (in this case Microsoft), it remains to be seen which of the two tech giants will be able to draw a wider user base in the coming months.

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