About RC FinTech

The Rotman Commerce FinTech Association (RC FinTech) is an undergraduate interest group at the University of Toronto. Our mission is to educate students on the growing relevance of technology in finance by providing hands-on learning opportunities to enhance technical and soft skills through workshops and case competitions.

Our Research Portfolio, the first of its kind in the RC Community, is an interdisciplinary team comprised of Commerce and Computer Science students. It is devoted to finding innovative solutions to financial and economic problems and developing novel tools & resources to introduce students to the world of finance and economics.

Our Team


Jennifer Zheng
Patrick Kappel

Vice President

Bashaar Hassan

Professional Development Director

Ralph Sayegh

Executive Consultants

Lesley Cheung
Micah Ng
Jennifer Ge
Aryan Rahul

Marketing Directors

Hedy Zhou
Irene Joo

Marketing Managers

James Iliescu
Arjun Chandrashekhar
Parsa Amin
Vladimir Kavagoe-Glavatsky
Seriena Wang

Events Director

Brandon Tang

Events Managers

Abdu Okhunjonov
Jingting (Christine) Lan
Aarav Verma
Utkarsh Singh
Praniti Agarwal

Research Director

Christopher Richardson

Research Managers

Afnan Kadir
Rohan Kumar
Mohammed El Chayeb
Kevin Lai
Carson Feng
Paavnee Misra

Conference Directors

Yalda Shabestari
Aratrik Dhar

Conference Managers

Fred Sun
Shivani Joshi
Kush Jindal

Corporate Relations Directors

Ping Chi Chin
Hubert Kong

Corporate Relations Managers

Susan Wang
Helen Zhao

Internal Affairs Director

Claire Shen

Internal Affairs Manager

Jeff Xia

Finance Directors

Edward Li
Aidan Percy

Finance Managers

Emma Feng
Daniel Lim


Annie Choi
Saanvi Prasanth
Cam Bankes
Arnav Bandekar
Zaid Al Khatib
Robin Xu
Bryan Shi
Jasmine Yang
Jacqueline Zhang