Our Events

We have a lot of exciting events planned for the 2023-2024 school year. Take a look below for what’s to come!

August 2023



RC Open is an event for first year students to practice trading through real-time data, win prizes, and get mentorship from professionals!

October 2023


Are you a first-year student curious about how finance and technology intersect in today’s economy? Finstart is our first-year exclusive event that will give you a taste as to what we do as a club, how firms are leveraging technology to boost their corporate performance, and ways you can get involved as a first-years!

November 2023

Breaking Barriers

Breaking Barriers is a panelist event that provides students the opportunity to gain industry insights and connect with inspiring female professionals in the FinTech industry.

February 2024

Design Dash


Design Dash is a product design competition that challenges participants to build a FinTech app using the Figma platform, enabling them to acquire new skills, demonstrate innovative thinking, and make an impact in the world of FinTech.

March 2024

FinTech Summit 2024

This is our annual event, offering an action-packed day of learning, workshops, case competition, and networking opportunities with professionals from different industries.
March 2024

Networking Night

The Networking Night event provides students an opportunity to make lasting connections and offers professionals a chance to speak regarding their passions and careers in the finance and tech industries.