AI force accelerates Salesforces’ future course

Amid awe and aggravation against ChatGPT’s launch, Salesforce is now onboard the AI ship as it has released its plan to increase its spending, to invest in AI-fueled services. Coining the term “Einstein GPT”, Salesforces’ CEO, Marc Beinoff stated that the company would release specific AI software to boost performance in the sales sector. Currently, this company has a market capitalization of over $180 billion USD.

Benioff stated, “We’re really about to enter an incredible new world where AI is going to really help all of our customers be more productive, have higher performance, and ultimately be far more profitable”. The CEO’s optimism about AI incorporation spread among investors, as the stock price increased drastically on March 1st, from about $167 USD to an astonishing $191 USD in just one day.

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