Using algorithms in the MD sector: PicassoMD

Dr. Reza Sanai is the founder of PicassoMD and a former chief fellow cardiology at the George Washington University Medical School. PicassoMD is a firm that connects PCPs with a specialist for a comment on a patient’s situation. It was founded in 2019 after the founder discovered that roughly 40% of the referrals to his specialist practise were unnecessary. PicassoMD has already stopped approximately 50% of all unnecessary specialist referrals and about 90% of ER referrals.

PicassoMD operates by utilizing intricate expert matching algorithms on top of a communication infrastructure that complies with HIPAA regulations. Additionally, it monitors downstream patient and provider data and combines it all to show insurers—who pay PicassoMD for lowering their own costs—that the software-based platform makes a profit.

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