Metacademy on Crypto

As the FinTech industry grows, there is a growing interest in learning about the latest developments, especially among young professionals. Blockchain Foundry Inc, a blockchain development company, saw this need in the market and launched in partnership with The Palmer Group. 

To educate our growing population about FinTech, Metacademy covers a large variety of topics – from navigating Web3 to buying and selling NFTs, metacademy provides individuals with a free learning experience. 

Dan Wasyluk, CEO of Blockchain Foundry Inc, commented that “Metacademy uniquely provides users with hands-on experience using new decentralized technologies in a risk-free environment, all while earning crypto incentives along the way.” 

In the future, Metacademy plans to expand its teaching software to include courses on Verifiable Credentials, tokenomics and Decentralized Identity (SSI), among many others.

Interested in learning more about this initiative? Check out for more information! 

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