CanadaHelps Enables Cryptocurrency Donations

Over the past few years, cryptocurrency has increased its presence in the world of business. Since it’s inception, it has transformed the way we do business, from online transactions to trading – and now, it’s used as a charity platform. 

CanadaHelps, Canada’s largest platform for donations, has partnered with CarbonX in order to help support its 86,000 charities in receiving cryptocurrency donations. The decision was made in response to an increasing number of younger Canadians acquiring crypto-assets. According to a poll recently carried out by KPMG, about 24% of Canadians, aged 18-25, have purchased crypto-assets. By enabling cryptocurrency donations, organizations like CanadaHelps can diversify their charity-giving initiatives and help more charities in need. 

Jane Riccardelli, the acting CEO of CanadaHelps stated that “The launch of cryptocurrency on CanadaHelps is another key step we are taking to engage younger Canadians in giving”. Riccardeli also points out that this initiative will make it easier to donate in the current changing business environment.

Canada Learning Code will be the very first charity to receive a cryptocurrency donation, which will be donated by Boris Wertz, founder of Version One Ventures. Melissa Sariffodeen, the CEO of Canada Learning Code, stated she was “thrilled to be receiving [their] first crypto donation” and is “grateful to Boris and CanadaHelps for making this possible”.

Thinking of giving? Want to learn more about crypto-donations? More information about CanadaHelps and their donation initiatives can be found on their website here!

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