Rotman Commerce First Year Trading Competition

Aug 22 – Sept 12, 2022

RC Open is a trading competition that allows first year students to explore the market and practice trading strategies with real-time world data. Starting on August 22nd, RC Open is a four-week event and will take place online via Sandbox. Throughout the event, there will also be a workshop covering a trading-related topic every weekend where students can learn more strategies and get their questions answered!



You'll get a chance to learn from and network with upper years from RC Fintech and RCTG! It's a great way to receive mentorship as you start off university, and ask any questions you have!


We offer three workshops each weekend starting from August 27th in collaboration with the Rotman Commerce Trading Group (RCTG), more details can be found below.


Get ready for an unforgettable trading experience where you will be able to trade using real live market data and learn trading strategies - without risking real money!

The Workshops:

27 August 2022

Week 1: Technical Indicators

First workshop will cover several integral technical analysis tools that will help you get better on analyzing a stock’s performance.

3 Septemebr 2022

Week 2: Candlestick Patterns

The second workshop will focus on candlestick chart, a useful tool to predict price direction and momentum.

10 Septemer 2022

Week 3: Trading Strategies

Last but not least, week 3 workshop will introduce several trading strategies to help one using other financial instruments.


Important documentation you need during RC Open. 

Hear it from past students...

RC Open gave me a chance to experience stock market trading and financial trading technicals before going to a single Finance class. Overall, a great learning experience with lots of practical exposure!
Afnan Kadir
I really enjoyed the mentorship aspect of the RC Open! It was fun connecting with incoming students and seeing the friendships form from the competition.

Jennifer Zheng